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Regular lawn cutting and edging

Spring Clean Up

Fall Clean Up

Grub control, conventional and organic

Fertilizing with organic based fertilizers

Soil testing and amendments

Comprehensive landscape designs

Tree and shrub installation

Low voltage landscape lighting

Rain harvest systems

Pondless water features

Drainage systems

Natural stone walls and features

Paver patio and retaining walls



Landscaping & Tree Surgery

Garden Maintenance

Commercial Gardening

Driveways & Patios

Design & Consultation

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  • Law Care

    Law Care


    We Provided this services in a regular weekly basics for a Healthy and nice looking Lawn. Lawn care is practiced to varying degrees by nearly all lawn professionals. The key to maintaining a high quality lawn is to routinely carry out the essential tasks and proper way of doing it. Different types of grass have a different optimums length and mowing the lawn will help keep the grass vigorous and maintain a neat appearance.   Our company has served our customers with pride and satisfaction. We treat not only our clients as another customer we treat them as part of our business.


  • Spring Clean Up

    Spring Clean Up


    Once all sign of snow is over and is time to start with new beginnings for your lawn, have us clean it up from winter and bloom it to spring. We’ll clean up the planting beds that have been accumulating with debris to prevent turf diseases. We’ll take care your lawn by power raking, bed edging, mulch application per customer request and much More…..



  • Fall Clean Up

    Fall Clean Up


    For the months of October and November have your lawn clean of falling leaves and prepared for the long cold winter that is coming to a near.  Have your lawn taken care of to prevent turf diseases that can accumulate during the winter under the matted snow. We will also prepare your lawn for the winter by winterizing the lawn plus aeration that will benefit your lawn by allowing the water and oxygen in to the soil, letting carbon dioxide out of the soil and improving soil drainage.




  • Grub Control

    Grub Control


    Grubs live just below the surface of the soil and feed on the grass roots. Not only does this cause the grass to start dying off, it will loosen the turf from the soil and make it easy to pull up and roll away. If grubs are present, you will be able to cut the turf and easily roll it bac, like carpet. Mostly likely you will quickly be able to see the culprits. The grass will look brown and fragile on the surface. This will give you an indication that you need to give the grass a tug to see if the roots of the turf have been eaten where grubs have been feeding.


    We specialize in grub control!!

  • Fertilization

    Fertilization (Organic/Conventional)


    Whether you want organic based fertilizer or conventional, we’ll keep your lawn fertilized with the three major nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for healthy growing grass and weed free.

    Organic Fertilizer- Are derived from plants, animals, and minerals. They do not contain any synthetic or harmful chemicals.  They are safe for you, your children, and your pets.  They are water insoluble and have a slow release into the soil where the microbes in the soil do their work to break it down.  When they are broken down they form into organic matter.  Organic matter improves soil structure, improves water retention, air infiltration, and soil fertility.  The microorganisms that are in the soil help to break down contaminants in the soil.  Some also fix or convert nitrogen from the air into a way that a plant can use it.  Organic fertilizers address more than just NPK deficiencies, they also address other soil deficiencies for richer and healthier soil.

    Conventional Fertilizer- Nitrogen comes from Urea.  Urea comes from natural gas.  Although it contains some carbon it is not enough for the soil to do anything significant with.  If urea isn't coated in some way to slow its release into the soil its nitrogen can just be lost into the atmosphere.  Urea contains 46% nitrogen.


      Synthetic fertilizers are water soluble which means there is a quick release and quick uptake by the plant.​  That also means it will leave the soil quick therefore needing multiple applications. When this happens growth rate increases tremendously after 2 days, it peaks in about a week, and then slows down to its normal growth rate in about a month to a month and a half.  This leads to another application to keep the bright green color of the turf.  When they release their nutrients at a high rate the plant creates a lot of top growth before the roots are able to catch up underground.




  • Design

    Comprehensive Landscape and Design


    Any ideas can become a reality and we can make it come to life. Victor and Sons Landscaping  believes in the uniqueness of every customer and property. We enjoy meeting potential clients and collaborating with them during the design process, then working closely with them through the completion of the project.


    We bring designers and construction workers together, so you get the benefit of one team. We will finish the job on time, fulfilling all of your expectations.

  • Tree and Shrub Installation

    Tree and Shrub Installation


    From any type of tree to shrubs, big or small and even wide or slim we can install it for you, and always to a fair price. Make your lawn more appealing to nature and stunning for everyone to not resist its beauty as they pass by.

  • Low Voltage Landscape System

    Low Voltage Landscape System


    Make your front or backyard lawn look stunning at night as it is in daylight with our low voltage system of your choice. Our lighting is eco-friendly and can last a lifetime.


  • Pondless Water Features

    Pondless Water Features


    Make anything look amazing with a pond or a mini waterfall that is to your ideal design.

  • Drainage System

    Drainage System


    Drainage systems are a necessary installation process in most landscaping settings, eliminating puddles and mud; preventing mosquitoes and the threat of mosquito-borne diseases and in waterproofing basements in order to protect your home foundation and walls.

    Excessive land development and climate changes are just some of the factors that have contributed to unwanted water in our yards and basements.

    As we go from extreme droughts to excessive rains in the middle of summer weather, water can run off rapidly; the soil being unable to absorb the water quickly and causing damaging runoff.

    If your home is built at the bottom of a hill or against a cliff, the runoff will undoubtedly end up in your house with any heavy rain. Whatever the case may be, drainage systems are part of planning a successful landscape in order to minimize damage to your home, your backyard and landscaping.

  • Paver Patios and Retaining Walls

    Paver Patios and Retaining Walls


    Make your patios to your walls look very elegant and stunning in our variety of bricks and stones, anything to your choice of color, style and pattern.

  • Fire Pits and More

    Fire Pits and More


    Warm up on a chilly night under the stars with a fire pit to keep your family and friends warm. We make it to your desired style to keep warm and show off that awesome design.

  • Mulch



    Enhance your flower beds beauty with different types of mulch and also hold the plants moisture for a better development and healthy environment.

    ∗ Premium Mulch/Triple Ground

    o Dark, rich brown color. Protects plants. Conserves moisture.

    ∗ Classic Mulch/Double Ground

    o Lighter brown. Breaks down slowly. Most economical mulch.

    ∗ Shredded Aged Mulch

    o Almost identical to the Southern Hardwood Bark.

    ∗ Fine Grind/Nature’s Blend

    o Spreads evenly. Just the right particle size. Closest to the bed of a forest floor.

    ∗ Southern Hardwood Bark Mulch

    o Resists fading. Long lasting. Great product to highlight new plantings.

    ∗ Cedar Grind

    o Light golden blond color. Finely shredded. Acts as a natural insect repellent.

    ∗ Color Enhanced Mulch (Bright Red, Walnut Brown, Deep Black)

    o Retains its color. Long lasting. Looks Natural. Environmentally safe.

    ∗ Pine Fines

    o Just the right pH for evergreens.

    ∗ Safe T Mat Certified Playground Surfacing (ASTM Certified)

    o A kid’s carpet! Soft and safe.

    ∗ Leaf Mulch

    o Just like the floor of a forest! Great for gardens! Improves soil structure. Stimulates beneficial soil fungi.

    ∗ Screened Topsoil

    o Rich, black dirt.

    ∗ Planting Bed Mix

    o A balanced mixture of organics used to heighten and enrich new gardens, plants, trees and shrubs.

    ∗ Screened Compost

    o Adds nutrients to the soils. Improves pH. Loosens clay soils. Perfect for vegetable and flower gardens.

    ∗ Enhanced Mushroom Compost

    o Nature’s helper and conditioner. Ideal for plants.

    ∗ Wood Chips